This game was made for the GMTK 2023 Jam!

Discover which dice each player threw! Each round, the characters will give you a tip on the dice they threw. Click and drag dice to the corresponding character column, and once you figure out, score the dice points!

Each round has more than one solution! To score more points, you have to discover the best distribution of dice between the characters.

Bonus points! In some rounds, random characters will have a bonus multiplier. Find the best solution to score more on their column!

Red dice! Red dice will subtract from your total score, so try moving them to a character with low score multiplier!


The theme of the Jam was roles reversed. I tried interpretating it literally, so I reversed the roll of a dice: instead of rolling a dice, you have to discover which player threw it!

This game was made using Godot Engine, mostly using assets I bought on Credits:
- Develop & Design by Perons (me!)
- Font: 1980, by Francisco Beltrán
- Character Portraits by CobraLad
- Dice Images by Kenney Asset
- Soundtrack: Poofy Reel, by Kevin MacLeod
- Cleyton (the background die at the score screen) by Brena Cardoso


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Got playing like 5 times in a row so I think it must be pretty good! It's a nice mix of luck and strategy.


I got 250 first tryyy, lest goooo


Got a score of 182! Quite a fun game, kept me hooked the whole way through with the score bonuses and negation, good work!


180 score haha