A very simple puzzle using Conway's Game of Life rules! Each stage is a pattern of cells you have to create on the second generation using a 3x3 grid of cells, but you can only alter the first generation of cells! Complete a stage by creating the exact same pattern on the second generation.

The game sometimes (really sometimes) segfault and crashes! If this happens on the Web version, you'll see a blue screen randomly appearing.

- Left/Right arrow: Alternate between the first and second generation of cells.
- Mouse click: turn cells on/off on the first generation
- F1: Enable "console mode". It's a POC for some ideas I have for the engine, but basically you can alter the Scheme environment with the console!

I made the game using an Engine I'm creating (with some help from a friend!) using Raylib and S7 Scheme. The Raylib portion is done in C with a very small wrapper, and all gameplay is Scheme. You can download the source-code, or check the git repository: https://github.com/henriquelalves/SLGJ-2024

You can check the devlog at https://henriquelalves.com/tags/devlog/

Published 29 days ago


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I keep getting the blue screen.

dang it! Can you share the browser and version you're using?

google chrome. I don't know the version


really cool idea! might serve as a good introduction to learn the basic structures of game of life.


This is really cool, I love the idea, and it does help to better understand the game of life