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Godot 3.x  editor plugin to export CSG Meshes as Wavefront (.obj) files.

The source-code is also available on the GitHub repository: https://github.com/henriquelalves/GodotCSGExporter

Disclaimer To fix the CSGMesh material exporting, I merged mohammedzero43's CSG exporter with some slightly tweaks; the original code can be found here: https://github.com/mohammedzero43/CSGExport-Godot. Thanks for letting me use it!

How to install

Add the addon on your Godot project (you may copy the addon from the project folder, or install it via Godot's AssetLib). Then activate it on the project settings "Plugins" tab.

How to use it

Whenever you click on a root CSGMesh, the addon will add a "Export CSG" button to the Spatial Editor upper bar. This will open a File Dialog popup so you can choose where to save the exported file. Exporter option on Godot spatial container

Why using it

CSG Meshes are quite useful to prototyping and making quick modifications on levels, but sometimes you may want to export the mesh made in Godot so it can be edited in other software (e.g. Blender).

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can it be used while the game is running, like if the player can create content in game and save it as an .obj file ?