Update 09-07-22

- [MAJOR] Added Portuguese Localization to the game!
This took me some time, but I was finally able to add localization to the Adventure Text framework. Once you choose your language at the game start, all commands can be written in the chosen language and all the game text gets localized.

- [MAJOR] Added Windows and Linux executables! (They perform better than the browser version)

- [MINOR] Improved some commands descriptions.


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Version 18 Jul 09, 2022

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Great game! Is there any way you could tell me the keypad code? I know you need to match up the tones of the keys with the tones when you die, but I'm a little tone-deaf when it comes to those kind of things! :)

Completely understandable. I'm planning on adding a description tip when you get the keys right so you can brute-force it a little bit, because right now this puzzle is really hard hahaha. Spoilers below!

[SPOILER] the code is 1652 [/SPOILER]


Awesome thanks! It's a great game! :)